About Us

Welcome to Wenbourne & Sons, Inc., a family corporation training up a second generation of contractors. We are committed to providing quality service with excellence, integrity and the greatest value to you, our customers.

Meet Jake

As a young boy I started going to work with my dad on construction projects. During this time I devolved a love for building things with my hands and a pride of a job well done. I learned the basics through my teenage years and really honed my skills through my twenties. During this last decade I have found that I have a passion for business as well. I believe that with my passion for quality construction and my love for business, I can carry on the legacy of my father and lead Wenbourne & Sons into the future successfully!

Formerly doing business as Oregon Coast Aluminum, our founder, Steve Wenbourne, has built this company using honesty and integrity as his guide since 1980. We made the move to incorporate in the year 2000 changing the name to Wenbourne & Sons, Inc. and since then we have developed a reputation for doing quality work on budget and on time. Let us put our 40 years of experience and the creativity and diligence of our people to work for you!